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If they have entered the Autos Articles | May 21 Clelin Ferrell Jersey , 2012
Academician Li Deren, Wuhan as an important base for the field of geographical information through independents innovation

According to reports, in 2008, mobile measurement technology in Jiangsu Kunshan city management. Scientists city is divided into thousands of "grid", each of 10,000 square meters, reproduced through the real image on the computer. The public through a "grid" is found not cleaning garbage Antonio Brown Jersey , missing manhole cover, available cell phone pictures directly uploaded to the government regulation center. The system automatically determine the matter occurred, and delivery of the relevant departments to be processed afterwards by hand to the on-site inspection of the treatment effect. The annual operating results show that each year tens of thousands of pieces of public complaints against the proposal, settles the rate of 96%; the Government is only employed 619 supervisors from the laid-off workers, is responsible for the maintenance of each "grid".

?Academician Li Deren, Wuhan as an important base for the field of geographical information through independent innovation, breaking the blockade of foreign technology in the mobile measurement Derek Carr Jersey , navigation, real three-dimensional technology with the world advanced level. Mobile measurement technology research and development results have been led by the Wuhan Li have space in the hundreds of smart city Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other information technology projects successfully.

??Made "Google Street" Street passers-how effective? Reporters yesterday in the the Synaptic company R & D personnel, under the guidance of early adopters.

????In the company's research center in front of the building, the reporter to open the software on a Tablet PC, GPS prompt positioning is completed Bo Jackson Jersey , the reporter location is displayed on the computer screen. With the traditional two-dimensional electronic navigation software and street way "user interface is divided into two parts, the top of the street real picture, the bottom is two-dimensional electronic map. Button to choose a direction, the reporter can see the front, sides and rear four real picture; click on the map scale to zoom in or out of two-dimensional electronic map.

????Reporters than normal pace walking in front of real picture, no difference, and the reality of buildings Cheap Raiders Hats , the real picture will be based on mobile speed real-time transformation. If you pre-set gas stations Search "function, after the gas station will be issued a prompt screen.

????In addition, the Street passers with geographic information is estimated to select the two anchor points on the screen, able to calculate the tree height, road length data.

????In the recently released Hollywood blockbuster "Mission Impossible", played by Tom Cruise agents staged car chase scene. His side of the driving side of the Assistant to the front of the map to play on the front windshield, the car where the map indicates where Cheap Raiders T-Shirts ,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. within three minutes to finish 6 miles away. Compared with the agents use high-tech equipment in the film, the visual impact of the "Street way" is more powerful. R & D personnel, said the future, the software will be ported to the glasses, watches and other smaller devices, as long as the blink of glasses Cheap Raiders Hoodie , you can see the object, the information will be displayed on the lens, so that ordinary people can "agents addiction.

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