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The brand chose to show converse white the Lakers some solidarity with the their You Can t Beat LA Tee s which are available at the boutiques and their webstore. Each purchase from a store however gives you a shot at winning a free pair of the matching kicks. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? Or were you too busy gawking at the modeling talents of Shay Maria to listen? Raffle ends June 7th.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Colorful-Leopard Hi May 31, 2010 It is usually the collaborators that take a pair of Chuck Taylors and dress them up in weird or odd styles. It has been chopped, screwed, and twisted up more than any other sneaker that I can think of, but still has converse for sale been able to hold its place as one of Americana s favorite sneaker choices. This time, Converse has played the artsy game itself and decorated a pair in a Leopard print with a black, beige or a saxe/pink base. Something about that converse on sale canvas upper provides the perfect canvas for an artist. If you like, cop a pair of the Chuck Taylor with a wild side at Converse Japan.

CONS CTS Mid Charcoal Grey / Red May 17, 2010 The CONS CTS Mid series looks like a very comfortable shoe and it has no reason not to. After all if a performance shoe isn t comfortable then it has failed to do half of its job. This level of comfort is accomplished by use of memory foam converse womens in the tongue and ankle while the sole is just softer also.The skating shoe has found its way to retailers now in a grey suede perforated upper with red accenting on the sole by way of the ribbing and foxing strips. The shoe can be yours today if you hit up Black Sheep i

Converse One Star Aged OX Blue / White May 11, 2010 For some strange reason, having your sneakers look beat up or vintage before you even wear them seems to be an ever-growing style. Here we feature a pair of Converse One Star Age OX, which sport a rugged blue leather construction. The upper sits atop a sole that has been given the vintage treatment, making it look aged. Finishing off the design are white accents, which can be seen on the iconic star logo, shoe laces, and insole. They are now available at Mischief.

Cons CTS Low converse black high tops OX Beige Apr 28, 2010 The Cons CTS is one of our favorite models to come out of the Converse brand as of late. They come across as a beefed up Chuck Taylor and that really just enhances the simple style they have.This version of the CTS Low Ox uses beige suede to get its point across and while these will be a challenge to keep clean they will definitely wear well and inject a little comfort into your day while doing so. Look for these to drop stateside sometime soon but for now they are in Korea over at Kasina

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