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Following are some of the stocks that are being recommended by the analysts. However Cheap Team North America Jerseys , it is not necessary that fundamentally they are strong. Presently, some of the companies are burdened with debt. But there is a hope of debt reduction, takeover or a turnaround story. Some of the best penny stocks to buy in India and hold for 2018 are mentioned below.

Sterlite Technologies

This is a good buy as Sterlite Technologies also has a good solid presence in the software services business. Where it has a strong order position. It is strongly believed by the analysts that by 2019-2020. The company can achieve an EPS of Rs 14 at the very least. When the pe of 40 times is applied the stock will trade at Rs 560. At the very least in the company few years. Thus the expansion, strong order book and a focused management team, is making the stock of Sterlite Technologies. A good bet at the current levels.

JP Associates

JP Associates is expected to have fewer assets now to generate revenues. On the other hand Cheap North America Jerseys , the interest costs will also reduce due to debt repayment. One of the few other reasons to buy this stock is that the company for the first time reported a net profit for the first time in 12 quarters in the period ending June 30, 2017. It is expected by the experts that the JP Associates would now largely depend on its EPC business to power revenues. It has a substantial order book and is looking to touch a turnover of Rs 6,000 crores from this stream in 2019-20. Thus, the stock is said to move ahead in the coming days. Currently, this is a cheap penny stock at Rs 22.

KCP Sugars

Recently Mark Scheifele North America Jersey , it was observed that the share price of KCP Sugars has fallen from levels of Rs 42 to Rs 32. As per the reports, the stock is also trading near book value levels. It is also believed that the sugar prices would continue to remain robust in the coming years. As KCP Sugars is a very old sugar manufacturer and has the potential to deliver so it is recommended to all investors with a long-term perspective to buy this stock.

For further information about the penny stock, you can get in touch with the technical analysts of Money Classic Research, who are expert in delivering accurate intraday trading tips.

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