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Experiencing the great migration is undoubtedly one of the most incredible safari experiences that travelers can have in their travel history. Watching these natural occurrences from very close seems to be an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most interestingly you can perceive this Serengeti migration from the very beginning since they land in the Serengeti.

The herds of wildebeests spend the first part of the year in the south-east Serengeti where they feed and give birth. As the dry season came in Tanzania Authentic Donte Moncrief Jersey , they forced to embark on the most dangerous part of their journey in search of their food. They rumble through the plains, crashing across rivers and escaping from the predators and hungry crocodiles to reach the fertile grazing land of the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Therefore this wonderful animal migration is often referred to as the Greatest Show on Earth and Serengeti Migration Safari is the best opportunity to view this very close!

The Serengeti migration seems to be magical occurrences by millions of animals together on the earth! The migrating herds face all manner of challenges while moving from region to region in search of their food. They are constantly under attack from predators like Africa's big cats on the field and the huge crocodiles that wait at various river crossing points. Vacationer also observes how they survive from the predators, give birth to newborn, moving in great dusty columns Authentic Ereck Flowers Jersey , or crossing across muddy rivers. If you plan your Serengeti migration safari during the pick time you surely can perceive what really happens in Serengeti migration!

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