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WELLINGTON Geno Atkins Hat , Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand's main opposition Labour Party leader David Cunliffe resigned Saturday after leading the party to an historic defeat in last week's general election.

Cunliffe, who became Labour's third leader in as many years when he was elected a year ago, said he would stand again for the leadership in a new vote.

Cunliffe said in a statement that he had to take responsibility for the party taking just 25 percent of the vote in the general election, Labour's worst result since 1922.

He said he had been elected leader a year ago with a mandate for change and the election result had reinforced the need for change within the party.

"We need to renew and rebuild our culture, accountabilities, how we do things and present to the world A.J. Green Hat ," said Cunliffe.

"Achieving that in time for the 2017 election will require experienced and determined leadership with a broad mandate," he said, adding he would put his name forward for the primary contest.

Labour's leader is chosen by an electoral college made up of 40 percent caucus, 40 percent party membership and 20 percent affiliated unions.

Cunliffe was elected after David Shearer resigned last year, claiming he was being undermined by people within his own caucus, which was understood to have been a reference to Cunliffe.

Shearer took the helm after Phil Goff Andy Dalton Hat , the former trade minister who signed the New Zealand-China free trade agreement in 2008, resigned after Labour's defeat in the 2011 election.

The party has reportedly been riven with factionalism and infighting since losing power in 2008 and successive leaderships have failed to dent the popularity of the center-right National Party of Prime Minister John Key.

Every person is aware that holding a tradition or a tradition alive is immediately affiliated to retaining the language of that custom or tradition alive. As soon as the language is missing, the culture and its traditions are lost as well. Why is that?

Because virtually all languages create hand in hand with the culture, and the phrases, and structures and rules of what is spoken serve only to specific what is needed to the culture. In this perception, these languages are about conformity. They conform to the ideals Michael Jordan Hat , principles and guidelines, of the society, and in flip, the pondering and method of the modern society steadfastly conform to the language. One particular could see the following language as a software of handle. Due to the fact what is deemed necessary to any unique culture has always been made a decision by the ruling class, for this reason what can and cannot be spoken will also be established by the ruling course.

Why has the chief language of progress, adjust Renell Wren Hat , technological innovation and growth been English? For the reason that English is a lot less about a specific culture or group and more about communication. English talking societies like all societies regulate people by controlling what can and are unable to be said. But this is opposite to the spirit of English. English is a language that does not belong to one distinct culture or tradition, nor should it be manufactured to conform to the ideals and concepts of any 1 group. It is genuinely the only free language, and is not, nor can it actually be a language of conformity.

A language that will need to conform to the tradition that it serves is like an abacus, in the feeling that it has only an individual way of communicating or expressing, or conceptualizing its planet. This helps make transform and progress nearly extremely hard.

It can be not tricky to see that just about every last development in science Ryan Finley Hat , and technologies, and social politics has arrive from the minds of individuals who belonged or belong to the countries from which English conversation has designed.

If you are mastering to speak English, you in all probability suppose English comes from America, or England, and is a language that conforms to the ideals and principles and beliefs of the ruling lessons of these nations. If you feel this, we at English revolution believe that you will find understanding English more durable than it requirements to be.

It is legitimate Germaine Pratt Hat , these nations have accomplished their greatest to make their model of English the globally accepted model, and have tried out and do attempt to regulate individuals by ruling what can and won’t be able to be stated, and how and when it can be stated, and what is right and incorrect.

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