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DUBLIN, June 16 (Xinhua) -- An enormous butter dating back to thousands of years ago has been discovered in Ireland which archeologists say is still edible, digital media Atlas Obscura reported.

The rugby-shaped, 20-pound chunk of butter was unearthed from a peat bog by Jack Conway, a turd cutter, while working in Emlagh Bog, County Meath on June 1. It has been sent to National Museum of Ireland in Dublin for research and preservation.

Despite its age, ""it is still edible, but we wouldn't say it's advisable,"" Andy Halpin, assistant keeper in the National Museum Irish Antiquities Division told the Breaking News.

Some other archeologists said the butter has ""a waxy texture and overwhelming cheese smell.""

""Butter, a long time ago, was very valuable. It was seen as a luxury,"" Savina Donohoe, curator of the Cavan County Museum, told FoxNews.

In ancient and early medieval Ireland, people had a habit of burying butter in peat bogs which, with low temperature, low oxygen and a highly acidic environment, have excellent preservative properties.

Ancient peoples also used bogs to preserve dead bodies because they can be preserved in nearly lifelike condition for thousands of years.

However, this butter may have been an offering to the gods, Donohoe said, as it was buried neither in a wooden container nor in a keg, which was a normal practice for storing bog butter.

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