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sooner has your body reached its peak in your twenties John Miller Rush Jersey ,that it begins the slow and long decline into aging. Aging is a disease and anti aging is the slowing down of that disease. Unlike what some people think, aging is not an inevitable process and a natural consequence of time .Aging is a progressive deficiency disease and anti aging is controlling that disease. To combat aging one has to begin an anti aging nutrition regimen at an early age.
Inactivity is an enemy to longevity. Never stop exercising your body, regardless of whether you are physically fit or not. Try to get some form of exercise done.
Good posture is especially important to aging. For example poor posture can restrict your oxygen supply thereby affecting your overall health

Reasons why we age:

Assimilation of nutrients is lessoned due to depletion of enzymes and lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
Build-up of toxins in the body from foods and the environment
Reduction in metabolism, causing over weight, which further aggravates the situation by causing inactivity.
Reduction in breathing capacity Shaq Lawson Rush Jersey , restricting oxygen supply to the cells of the body
Free radical damage to the cells of the body

Aging is a result of how you have lived. Aging is like a bank account . You draw out in later life exactly what you have put in along the way. However ,it is never too late to renew both your body and mind with anti aging strategies. Dying is inevitable but we can grow old with out the aches and pains of aging. So I encourage you to become aware and do something about your aging..
Disease is not a consequence of aging but rather of poor choices and lifestyle, and it begins at the cellular level, so feed your cells with proper nutrition and regenerate them .Only you can make that decision to make the lifestyle change, in your eating habits Dion Dawkins Rush Jersey ,in your exercise programme and in taking a proper anti aging supplement for your health., and in avoiding abuse to the body like smoking, excessive drinking, and drug usage.

Breathing gives you invisible food. Maybe that is why you do not pay much attention to it because you cannot see it. Breathing may have become so natural and spontaneous to you that you seem to have taken it for granted all along.

Oxygen from your breathing is transported through blood, providing each one of the cells and organs in your body with invisible food. What gives life Zay Jones Rush Jersey , ironically enough, also brings about death - a mastery stroke of your Creator to make sure you will not be immortal. In the very process of living, death is simultaneously created in the form of deadly toxins (carbon dioxide), which are then exchanged for the life-giving oxygen derived from your breathing

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