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The concept of different sports using different muscle groups seems like an obvious tenet A.J. Green Youth Jersey , yet most people do not think about exercising to improve their performance in a particular sport. They are only concerned with practicing the sport. Of course, it is logical to assume that extensive practice of a particular sport will train the needed muscle groups to be in great shape. However, the reverse is not always true. For instance, just because you exercise the muscles used by playing football does not mean you will be a good football player, but it is a start.

Some of the muscle groups that are called into play when becoming proficient at a particular sport are fairly obvious Andy Dalton Youth Jersey , but others certainly take a little more thought to identify the muscle groups. At the professional level, an athlete will work on the major muscle groups, but maintaining balance in the entire body through recognition of the lesser muscles is important as well. So, while many sports focus on one aspect of the body, overall balance is emphasized as well.

To say that a person involved in racing Tyler Kroft Womens Jersey , whether bicycle, ice skating or foot races is required only to develop the long muscles of the legs would be an understatement. By no means can the rest of the body can be ignored. Likewise, when one's arms and shoulders are highly developed, as is needed for lifting the tremendous weights involved in many sports, you should not ignore the need for strength to straighten the legs and stand upright under the muscle weight you have built.


A golfer certainly needs to be able to have both strength and flexibility in the forearms Jake Fisher Womens Jersey , upper arms and shoulders in order to hit those long drives while hoping for a hole in one. At the same time, abdominal muscle development helps to maintain control of the direction and lift on the golf ball. If the golfer avoids a motorized cart and walks the course, the legs and thighs will be tightened and stamina through increased lung capacity will be fostered.


The obvious muscle groups affected when one is strongly entrenched in the sport of bicycling are those in the hips, buttocks and thighs. Especially when the sport reaches its more strenuous version known as mountain biking, the arms and shoulders are also involved.


This sport generally develops the arms Cedric Ogbuehi Womens Jersey , shoulders and upper back, but the muscles of the legs and buttocks are required in order to accomplish some of the weightlifting moves. As the name suggests, weightlifting builds power and its benefits can be translated into many other sports.


Both figure skating and speed skating require a strong development of calves, thighs and buttocks in order to be performed well. Though it is a lower body type of workout, ice skating can help with overall balance and will work your abdominal area as well Josh Malone Womens Jersey , which serves as the area that transfers power from your legs to your arms and shoulders.


Basketball is essentially a complete workout, though more cardio than strength building. People who play basketball often will develop muscles across the shoulders because of the constant lifting motion for the basketball and the raising of arms to defend. Regular movements while playing basketball require strength and flexibility in the muscle groups of the upper arms, shoulders and even the obliques. Dribbling the ball requires a substantial development of the muscles in the hands and wrists, as well as the forearms, shoulders and upper arms. In addition Carl Lawson Womens Jersey , running requires a build up in the strength and stamina of the leg muscles.


Swimming is another complete body workout. You will see a buildup in the muscles of the shoulders and arms particularly when there is an overhand stroke such as the Australian crawl. Also, muscles of the hips and thighs are required in order to perform the various kick strokes.


Tennis requires a level of complete fitness, but particularly in the muscles of the back, shoulders, and arms. In addition Jordan Willis Womens Jersey , the ability to move around the court quickly requires legs, thighs and calf muscles that are trim and fit. Power hitters in tennis can not only hit the ball hard, they have the ability to control where they want it to land with split second timing. The muscles required to leap, reach and use both a forehand movement and backhand stroke are particularly important in players who reach a professional or semi-professional level.

While certain types of sports develop particular muscle groups more than others, it's still important to work on over all fitness.

TUNIS, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Tunisia, a North African country rich in tourism resources, has become an attractive destination after it decided to exempt entry visas for Chinese citizens since mid-February.

While the Chinese market is a potential and a strong growth, Tunisia is preparing in equipment and in service to host the Chinese clients better since they are considered as a market of hope.

On Feb. 16, Tunisia announced the visa exemption for Chinese citizens in condition that they purchase a round-trip plane ticket and a valid hotel voucher for a period not exceeding 90 days.

Wu Wenzhao, who arrived to Tunis from Beijing for a business trip, is among the first beneficiaries of this policy.

"I left the Chinese border easily after taking the boarding pass at the airline's airport counter," she said, "and it was less than a minute to enter the Tunisian territory after the landing."

The visa exemption facilitates for the Chinese to visit this country with a history of 3000 years and a colorful culture. "We can leave immediately if we have a travel plan," said Zhang Tong, a tourist from Tianjin who is participating in a circuit trip in Tunisia.

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