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Many people these days are investing in renewable energy Cheap Ramik Wilson Jersey , both to save energy costs and help the environment. One way households can make a wind energy investment is by installing a residential wind turbine. There are a number of factors to consider before determining if wind energy is right for your property.

Good Wind Resources

An efficient wind turbine system needs wind speeds of 10 mph or greater. The best area on your property to catch high wind speeds will be on high ground without obstructions like buildings or tall trees nearby. In order to determine if your property has the steady wind speed to generate enough electricity for your home, use a wind map of your state or have a wind assessment conducted on your property.

Minimum of One Acre of Land

The ideal properties for wind turbines are at least an acre in size. Wind turbines need space for installation, and must be kept at least 250 feet from property lines. Generally, tower mounted turbines will be 80-150 feet tall and require guide wires for stabilization. The tower mounted style of turbine isn't the only option for residential wind energy Cheap Aqib Talib Jersey , but it's the more efficient option, reducing your utility bill 50-90% compared to a roof mounted turbine, which only reduces costs by 10%.

Favorable Zoning Laws

Tall structures like wind turbines are under zoning laws, and will need a permit to install. Since the technology is fairly new Cheap Marcus Peters Jersey , state and local agencies may be facing such a permit request for the first time, and could need more information on the turbine. In addition, neighbors may view the prospect of a wind turbine unfavorably, and homeowners associations may not allow turbine installation at first.

Discussing the wind turbine in detail with neighbors Cheap Brandin Cooks Jersey , HOA boards, and zoning agencies could be a major aspect of the turbine installation process. It's important for those who'll be seeing and potentially hearing your turbine to be on board with the investment.

Expensive Electric Bills

A wind turbine system will have a high upfront cost, and over the years as your utility bill gets smaller and smaller, the initial costs are paid off in monthly savings. In order to receive a good return on investment from your wind energy system Cheap Ndamukong Suh Jersey , you should be paying 10 centskWh or more for electricity. In 2010, electricity costs averaged 12 centskWh nationwide.

If your property is located far from electrical lines, such as a very property or one in the mountains, wind turbines may be very beneficial. These properties may find it most cost effective take the home off the grid completely.

Supplementing electricity from your utility with wind energy is an on-grid system. When the wind is blowing and the turbine working Cheap Dante Fowler Jr Jersey , your home uses power from the turbine system. If the air is calm, your home can draw energy from the electrical grid. Any excess energy your turbine generates is bought by the electric utility.

Using your wind energy system as your exclusive source of electricity is known as an off-grid wind system. These systems generate all the home's electricity and are not hooked into the electrical grid at all. Generally, off-grid systems include deep-charge batteries and back-up generators in case the wind can't deliver.

As renewable energy grows in popularity, residential wind energy systems are popping up in every state. The Midwest and Northeast Cheap Austin Blythe Jersey , both with many regions of high wind speeds, have the largest number of wind energy systems. Wind turbines in these areas reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and provide their owners with free energy.

Installing a wind turbine system on your property can cost $6,000-$45 Cheap Rob Havenstein Jersey ,000. The costs vary with style, size, and capacity. The initial investment is recouped in energy savings over a period of years, usually 5-15 years Cheap Tyler Higbee Jersey , depending on the amount of electricity the turbine generates. Some costs are also recouped in property value, as turbines systems are considered improvements to the property.

Small wind turbine systems are one option to consider when you're investing in renewable energy. There are advantages and disadvantages to wind energy systems, so it's important to assess your property and home before deciding on the system that's right for you.
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