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If you are a car owner Deshaun Watson Color Rush Jersey , then you are probably paying for car insurance. What most people do not know is why auto insurance rates vary with different drivers. Some don?t even bother to ask why they pay that certain amount just as long as they have it, but it is always good to know what they base the premium amount on.
The factors on how insurance companies base their auto insurance rates are as follows: your vehicle?s characteristics, the type of coverage you selected, the profile of the driver, and of course the usage of the car. You are probably asking why these are important to know, so let?s go ahead and see why.
Your car?s characteristics are important for insurance companies to know. Believe it or not, the coverage is based on the value of your car. So if you a certain models of sport utility vehicles, motorcycles, and specially a sports car, then you will be required to pay a higher insurance premium. If you own a compact car, midsized car, or luxury car, then your premium will be cheaper. In short, if the vehicle you purchased has a high theft rate, then your coverage is likely to be more expensive.
The driver?s profile also affects your auto insurance rates. By this I mean the driver?s age, sex, marital status, as well as your driving records. These are all taken into account when purchasing an insurance policy. Statistically speaking, accident rates are higher for drivers under the age of 25, especially young single males, which is why teenage drivers have higher insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer a ?good grade discounts? for those who have good academic records, or even ?resident student discounts? for those who live away from home.
Additional discounts are also provided to young drivers if they undertake further driving training. Also, if your driving records show no traffic violations, then your insurance is cheaper compared to someone who?s had a record of violations or accidents. So if you are what the insurance companies would consider as someone who is prone to traffic violations or accidents, then you will have to pay more.
Auto insurance rates are also based on how often you drive your vehicles. For example, if you have use your car during long trips, then you will probably have to pay more compared to someone who simply drives it to nearby places. Those who use their cars only on weekends pay a lower rate than those who uses their vehicles on a daily basis. In short, the more you drive your vehicle, the higher your chances are of getting into an accident regardless if you believe you are the safest driver out there.
Now look back at your profile, the type of vehicle you have and how often you use it. If you consider yourself a safe driver and have a clean driving record but pay a high premium, then it may be a good idea to shop around for cheaper auto insurance rates that offer the same coverage.

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