#1 Supported Living? Why not a home with the help you need? by Sam Sly 18.09.2017 13:17


I am not, nor ever have been, a great fan of 'supported living'. It is not because I don't think people should live in their own home's with any help they need, or even share that house if they have real friends they want to live with, but I am not a fan because this invented term has become corrupted and now stands for a 'catch-all' that is banded about when professionals think they can save money by sharing support. It is such a shame that a step made many years ago to get people out of Institutions and do the right thing by them has lost it's way.
My belief is that people with learning disabilities have the right, and deserve the same housing options and help that everyone does. I have attached a few documents that may be worth a read.

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